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Top-Rated Roof Installation and Restoration Care In How To Choose A Roof Color: Top 3 Things To Consider

The color of your roof is entirely up to you! When choosing your color, there are a few factors to keep in mind.

Have you been debating the color of your new roof while standing outside your home? Maybe you’ve spent too much time looking for houses that look like yours on Pinterest. We understand! A new roof is a significant investment that you do not want to regret. Below are some things to think about while choosing a new roof color. Also, keep in mind that we have a specialized Home Exteriors staff that is ready to send you samples and walk you through color and design options as you choose the perfect roof for your home!

The color of your roof can drastically alter the appearance of your home. Monumental Roofing will discuss the top three considerations to think about when selecting a new roof.

The Other Components of Your House – Think about the color of your siding, bricks, stucco or windows. What colors might go well with them? Would you like your roof to match your siding? Choosing a bold color for your roof is not always the best choice. This is because your roof is one of the biggest surfaces of your home.

Architectural Style – Not every color blends well with every type of home. To begin, consider the style of your property and select a hue that will best emphasize its qualities. It’s crucial to understand that your color choices have an impact on the architecture of your home. Light colors can visually expand your space, whereas dark hues have the reverse effect.

Light-colored shingles – Lighter shingles reflect the most sunlight, allowing your home to stay cooler. Because dark-colored shingles absorb heat, your home will be warmer. Make sure you pick a hue that not only looks beautiful, but also feels good on you.